The Perfect Tee

Who doesn’t love a classic Tee-shirt?! So many options on how to wear it. Oversized, tight fit, long in length, crop top, band tee’s or plain white. Give’em alll to me! In my quest to minimize my wardrobe, I went on the hunt for the perfect Tee. I did have a certain criterial in mind while I shopped.

  1. soft texture
  2. oversized
  3. plain in color
  4. wanted to try different brands to compare

This wash effect pocket Tee from Zara is light beige in color in an oversized boyfriend-tee style. It’s not super soft but def one of those shirts that will get better with each wash. I’m wearing it super casual here but I’ve also tied the side up to pair it with jeans. I also wore it with a mini skirt in the same color family for a monochomatic look. Tucked it in a bit and pair it with heels.


I love this crop tee from Urban Outfitters so much that this is the second one I’ve bought!

Ultra-slouchy cropped tee by Out From Under bring a touch of grunge to any outfit. Made from a light fabric with dropped long sleeves + ribbed trim at the cuffs and crew neck. I wear this all the time. Its soft and just easy to pair with so much.

This is the softest shirt I’ve ever owned in my life! Aerie wins in the perfect tee department. This plush V-neck tee is slouchy and just so cozy! It’s legit so so soft! The price point is great too at $18. Aerie just has so many options when it comes to basics. I ended up spending the most here and stocking up.

Also from Aerie, this fleece quarter zip is just a cozy basic that I wear to work or the gym.

Let me know if you have any places you recommend in the comments below.

PS. This is was one of my favorite photo shoots! I just loved the grunge of it all. Thanks babe for my pics FilmsbyJ

Love V-