My first hosted Thanksgiving

I’ve always wanted to host Thanksgiving but honestly have always been a bit intimidated of the entire thing. So much pressure! We typically go to my mom’s house which is local or my sisters-in-law’s which is 2 hours out of state. But this year…THIS year.. I spoke up and decided that I wanted to give it a go and have Thanksgiving done my way. The most important thing to me was the ambiance and table setting.

Thankfully Fortessa was so gracious to gift me all the flat & glass wear needed to create a beautiful tablescape.

Fortessa has a beautiful selection to choose from, great quality and everything is dishwasher safe. I was able to shop at home online but you can also go into their One Loudoun, VA location to touch and feel if you are local and that’s more your thing.

I used a combination of things I currently own, fresh produce that can be consumed later and some new buys that can be stored and used again. I really wanted to stay away from things that would only be used once and just end up in the trash.

First I went to Micheals to get the chargers (#3 shown below). On the website, it says $9 but I only paid I think $2 in-store with coupons. Next I headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics to find the napkins. I got one yard of fabric for $8, cut into 8 squares and then Pinterest ways to fold. I took a poll on IG and you guys selected the knotted look which I also love.

Getting fresh produce was an easy way to make the table look a bit fuller while adding color. Wegmans had oranges (can’t remember the kind) that had stems and leaves still attached which was so perfect for the look I was going for! I also got apples, concord grapes, and pomegranates. The leaves are a combination of fake ones and real ones I picked from trees outside my house. I had some leftover rose gold spray paint so I spayed a few. The ones on the plates are natural. The pinecones were old Christmas ornaments that I pulled the hangers off.

The rest of the decor are candles that I have owned for years and place in different areas throughout the year.

  1. black and gold flatware
  2. gold flatware
  3. charger
  4. dinner plate
  5. dessert plate
  6. wine glass
  7. water glass
  8. decorative leaves

To finish the look was our holiday cocktail made by J.

Muddled rasberries, lime, mint, vodka & ginger beer! Highly recommend

Thanks for checking this out! Comments below always help!

xoxo V-