DC Nights

Living just 45 mins from DC, J and I try and take advantage to pop in as often as possible, especially when the weather is nice. We recently did our own little bar crawl stopping by some old and new spots.

First up, Morris American Bar

Walk into 70’s monochromatic meets modern chic. Every inch is IG worthy. The food menu is limited to small snacks but the drinks fall far from short. We only planned to stay for one drink due to time constraints with a dinner reservation. I had an Afternoon Snooze which consisted of Mazcal, Tequila, pineapple, lime, honey, & hot sauce. While writing this I didn’t know what Mazcal was so I googled and found this. 

“Mezcal and Tequila are both agave-based liquors. However, Tequila can only be made from one type of agave. … The flavor profile is very different than Tequila because it is typically smokier. If you are a Scotch drinker, Mezcal is to Tequila what Scotch is to Whiskey.”

I can now add this to my fun fact list ( J loves that about me ?)

all photo are taken by @filmsbyJ

J had a Bartenders Choice. The bartender came over and sat with us to learn more about his palett. When asked, “what is in this” he said “I’ll write it down”. I thought he was being sarcastic but nope, he really did write it down for us!

Bartenders Choice and Afternoon Snooze

Next up, Seven Reasons

Pretty Hot and Tempting

This was our first visit. First impression, packed, trendy with earthy decor. My cocktail was named Pretty Hot and Tempting. I guess I’ve been in the mood for spicy Tequila. Ingredients; Tequila, lapsing tea shocho, ancho verde, papaya, lemon, a salted rim and chili pepper for garnish. Even though both places had spicy tequila drinks, each was very different but equally delish. J had a Tiki drink that I didn’t get a chance to write down the ingredients since the hostess told us our table was ready. The one thing I do know and can’t stress enough is how much I appreciate his drink having a PAPER STRAW! We ordered Falafel for an appetizer and they were ok, nothing special about them. Our entrées were both so good though. I’m not a food writer so trying to describe it past yummy would just sound disengenuine. So I’m just gonna go with super yummy. Ohhh.. almost forgot.. they give a little kit-kat peanut butter kinda thing with the check!! Bonus points for that!

Third stop, 600T

J had found 600T on Yelp yet they have no IG or a website. That being said I wasn’t surprised that it’s in an unmarked basement in the Northwest part of DC, just steps from the Howard Theater. You truly will walk by it if you are not looking for it. Cozy little bar, wooded, low lit with a fire place and small outdoor window. The drinks were amazing! There is nothing better than going to places were cocktails are absolutely their craft. The staff was also very friendly. I had a SOUR, tempus fugit kina, cherry, lime, green apple acid, orange slice. J had a SPICY, la higuera sotol, high west campfire rye, scotch bonnett pepper, charred pimento wood, big rock. No clue what any of those ingredients are but it was delish. Each craft drink is $16. His drink arrives with an ice cube on fire while mine was green and perfectly tart. I love sour anything so this hit the spot. I did not get a good pic of our drinks before they were half gone as we were just enjoying our time together.

spicy & sour

If you have any cocktail spots you recommend while in DC or in the DMV area drop them in the comments below. We would love to try them! 

La -V