Thats how I’ve been feeling since I got back from Thailand. Just blah, ugh… UGGHHH with a super eyeroll. I was in such denial about having to come back to reality. Paid bills. Finally picked up my stupid shit car from the shop and now it needs to go BACK to the shop bc I have a fuckin coolant leak. Bc I have time for all that. Just about vomited when I saw the email from my accountant about my taxes owed. Ummm… what?! Excuse me I owe how much? Cool! My boyfriend is so annoying right now. I can’t stand him and his non understanding ass. Planning a birthday party for my mom. Called Godaddy, DMV..twice, my credit card company and Comcast..twice. The contractors finished the new salon build out which I’m happy with. Friends have me confused and hurt. Back to working 10 hr days. Did a photo shoot. Posted a story on IG for a collab and then they emailed me “they made a mistake on dates “, that I need to take it down until next week after I already trashed the packaging. Trying to finish my Thailand blog posts while its still relevant while falling asleep at my laptop. Laundry. My nails keep breaking and I dislike my current hair color. Went to a BaByQ. Had dinner with a childhood friend. Watched GOT. Picked up my kitty’s cremated remains. Cleaned the downstairs portion of my house and made a Blue Apron for dinner. Man that feels good to say out loud. Adulting. 34 years old and I just want to stay in my bed and watch random Youtube vids. I’m usually not a negative person and I don’t usually have a pitty party for myself but I felt the need to be honest of why I have been mia. The funny thing is, I don’t even want to talk to anyone about it. If you read this and know me, don’t sit in my chair and ask me if I’m ok bc I’m fine. Except Erin, I call her about everything.

Guys I know my life is incredibly blessed. When I decided to start this whole blog thing I added the LIFE section for a reason. I think its important to share what life is really about. I just took a three week trip of a life time. Some people will never be able to experience something like. My life is beautiful but its also real and I have bad days/weeks just like you. I hope that someone reading this thinks to themselves, I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling shitty right now. Just writing this makes me feel better. Its like putting it out in the universe takes the weight off. I’m one of the strongest people I know. It takes a lot to keep me down. So far in life I haven’t had any holes deep enough to not come out of. IM A BAD BITCH AND I GOT THIS!!!! Good night lya xoxo  


  • Susan

    You are not alone , girl! Been one crap shoot after another on my end and reading this helped me so much! Thank you for your humility &keeping it real, as usual! Keep on keeping on????

  • Dori

    God bless you for putting it out there, so many of us (me) would just push it all back and pretend everything is ok. You are my hero, just as human as rest of us. You are one strong force. That is why you are able to do all the things you do, for you and for others.
    If you can deal with everything on your plate, you give me hope with just the few on mine.