Exhausted but exhilarated​

Well, we have finally arrived! After a lengthy 14 hr flight, we landed at Narita International airport which is about 45 mins outside of Tokyo. Looking for our best bargain we took the JR train in. At only $81 for all 3 when a standard taxi would have been nearly $200!! The last leg of our trip we did need to use a taxi for our final transportation. Note to self: they only accept cash so make sure you swing through an ATM or get your money exchanged at the airport prior to leaving. It is beyond shocking to me that most establishments here only accept cash, insane since we are in such a major city! 

photo @filmsbyJ

As we pulled up to our hotel, Shibuya Hotel En, we could hardly wait to crash. It was then that we discovered that they have a very strict rule regarding a 2 person max per room even with two beds in the room. There we were, 3 of us, ready to check in. We tend to stick with the Kayak app and thankfully we got a great deal! Tokyo is an expensive city so at $125 a night we felt like it was a win. Two rooms, one taxi, one train, one long flight and we were finally officially here, the heart of Tokyo.

Luckily the rooms at Shibuya Hotel En are clean and cozy. Each room is loaded with the most amazing bathroom and we are in a prime location of the Shibuya district.

These cute kimonos and sleepers where waiting for us in the room
photo @filmsbyJ

Shibuya is known as the most energetic district in all of Tokyo. It appeals most to the young generation as it is packed full of countless restaurants, so many shops, and entertainment on every street corner. This also includes the Shibuya Scramble Crossing. This crossing is famous for having 3,000 people crossing at the same time. For the best photos and viewing of this check out .Below are some of the things we have done while being here. Please let us know if there is anything else you suggest!

View from Mag’s Park roof top
photo @FilmsbyJ

Bees Bar was worth the visit from us for sure. It was a bit pricey but although the portions were small, the quality was big. The earthy twist tied in perfectly with the forest vibe and it was worth every penny. 

Bees Bar interpretation of an Old Fashion
photo @FilmsbyJ

AFURI Raman is said to have a line around the block, but no one told us not to wait in it and man were they right! There is this machine that you literally select your broth and any sides you want. Once you get a seat then you select your meat for your dish. This was the exact meal I wanted to enjoy while in Japan. 

As you all know shopping was a must for me while here. We hit the famous Takeshita Street where there was a large mix of everything. If you have ever wanted something weird yet trendy, counterfeit but unique this is your stop. There is everything from studded boots to acid trip kitten t-shirts. You are guaranteed to find exactly what your looking for, and even a few things you aren’t looking for.

Takeshita Street in the Harajuku Neighboor

Next up was a little site seeing. The Meiji Shrine is a shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji. This along with the Yoyogi Park make up a large portion of the forested area inside the city. These grounds are so spacious and offer tons of options such as walking paths, places for prayer, and overall just a perfect place for some relaxation. 

The cleansing of hands before praying
photo by @nesmithjosh

Clink on the link to watch a 60 second recap of our 60 hrs in Tokyo. Edited by @filmsbyJ

 Over and out, I’ll check in with my next stop. h



  • Ada Avdic

    Love this post, and how detailed it is. You guys saw a lot in a short period of time. I hope to get to visit Tokyo someday, I would love to eat my way through all the food, drink all the cocktails and the tea!

    Thanks for sharing your fun journey with us xx