Call it a life purge

Let me start off by saying life is all about creating your own success story. Call it a life purge, a fresh start, a new beginning. Every person hits a point in their life where their passion changes paths and the things they once couldn’t live without, no longer make them tick. I have taken the entire year of 2018 pondering this decision. Going over every single step, what I have accomplished thus far, my regrets, my strengths and fearing the unknown future.

2010 was a huge year for me, I was 25 years old and had just opened up my very own hair salon, Salon VIE. Something I had only dreamt about for many years. Following close behind, 3 years later alongside my best friend, Roxanne, we opened up Lashes by Ricky Vox. This was listed as Loudoun county’s first lash lounge and we killed it. Both of these milestones were huge accomplishments and I couldn’t be more proud. Without my team and my clients, I wouldn’t have anything. I owe everything I have to them and am so very grateful. But slowly over time, my passion began to shift which left me at a crossroad to take a leap of faith.

Hour upon hour, week upon week I went over every possible scenario. Weighed all the pros and cons. I kept replaying how the outside world would view changing it up. Would people think I had failed? Would people root for me to fall? After many internal discussions, I decided it really doesn’t matter how it looks to anyone but me. Internal happiness is what matters, not how it is viewed from the outside. I’ve decided it’s time to hit the restart button and see where it takes me! What’s the worst that could happen? It truly is now or never. I’d rather regret something I did, then wonder and regret something I didn’t do.  I’m ready to sell it all and just go see the world!

Don’t worry everyone, I still have bills to pay so I am not going anywhere just yet but I am taking a large step back. Salon Vie And Ricky Vox are making changes all while welcoming Jackson Harlow Beauty. Salon Vie will be turning into a booth rental instead of commission based which will leave me to more freedom. Although I am sad to have many of our girls head off to Jackson Harlow upon their opening I want what is best for each individual and their families. Lashes by Ricky Vox will be moving their lash services upstairs to Jackson Harlow and I will be making a room for microblading at Salon Vie. So do not fret, you are still going to get the best of the best in all areas. These girls have been my family for so long and helped me climb to where I am now. Each of them brings their own flare and own spark to each day and I couldn’t be more proud to watch them all do what makes them happy.

First and foremost, Roxanne, I am so very proud of you. You have been right by my side throughout all of this. Who thought two high school BFFs would end up as business partners in such a successful industry. You have always picked up the pieces when I am too busy being carefree. I will never forget the conversation we had sitting in your car shortly after we opened up RV.  I was a wreak, going through a divorce and was mentally falling apart. We were down to $3,000 and we still needed to make payroll. We yelled, we cried, and then we did the damn thing. You are always there to tell me what I need to hear even if I don’t want to. You have worked so hard for every single thing and have helped put Ricky Vox on the map, and I am so grateful for all your hard work. I appreciate you so much and am so excited about your new venture. I love you and I know Jackson Harlow will exceed any expectation you could ever have. You and all the girls are going to kill it, but don’t forget – I still get free lashes for life!

It is time for me to look inside my heart and soul and find my internal happiness. So here I go, my bags are packed and it’s time to explore the world! With my strong heart and work ethic I know we can see and do it all!

First stop, Thailand! Follow along on instagram @ 

So I will end this in saying, find your reason why. Change it as often as you need. At the end of the day….. create your own success story.


  • Erin Burns

    Vicky, this awesome! Good luck to you in all your upcoming travels. You are an inspiration for following your dreams and doing what you’re passionate about!

  • Diane Smith

    So very proud of you, Victoria! Looking forward to reading about your new adventures! ???❤️

  • Dori Edivan

    I could not be more proud of you if you were my own daughter. Over the years I have thought of you as not only my hairdresser but a daughter a friend a confidant someone to laugh with. I wish you safe travels and all your journeys. God bless & keep you safe.
    Love you ?